10K + Lazy Sunday

This morning I ran in the Statesman Capitol 10K race in Austin. It is the largest 10K race in Texas and the fifth largest in the country. The picture in the banner is Town Lake, which is where the race started and ended.

I have had a friend in town all weekend, and we have been going from party to party since Friday around 2 p.m., so I didn’t know if I’d be able to get there mentally (or physically) to do well this morning. As she slept in, I made the decision to run. I’ve never done this race before. I had to!

chips and queso - so delicious but will make you feel ill.

Plus, I had a lot of chips and queso and beer and whatnot so I thought I would jump-start a good, healthy week with this race.

I also had some great encouragement from my boyfriend which always helps. We headed to the race (on our new bikes!) at around 7:50 a.m. We got some misinformation though. The race started at 9, and we got there in time for an 8:15 a.m. race. So we stood around for a while. A long while. It was a cool, cloudy morning, and we bumped into some friends out there so it ended up being a good way to wake up pre-race.

We hit the first mile at about an 8:30 pace. After that, I didn’t really pay attention. The course was so great with some hills, always followed by downhill and a lot of flatness at the end. Lots of spectators were out to cheer us on so it was fun and we breezed through the whole thing. We finished the race in 49 minutes, averaging 7:54/mile, which we thought was pretty good!

Does anyone else get hooked after races and want to sign up for the next one right away?

I would love to sign up for the San Diego half on June 6, but I don’t have a job, housing, or enough income at the moment to pay for travel, hotel and the half, so I think for now I’ll keep that idea a dream. Maybe next year because outside of Austin and Houston, San Diego is next in my top 5 cities in the U.S. I want to run a half (or full) in all of them!

The rest of the day has been lazy. Ate a nice lunch at Max’s Wine Dive with my sister, her friend Rachael, and my friend Anna. Had the Bloody Mary Salad with grilled chicken. It was delicious. Kind of spicy and tangy but really delicious, even with no cheese!

Then I came back to my house and laid in bed.. all day… On to work on some schoolwork!

Close to where the race ended - beautiful Austin, Texas


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