Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter to everyone! What a happy day today is.

Woke up fairly late for me, around 8:30. This could have to do with the fact that I took NyQuil before bed, thinking it would keep the sore throat away that I’ve been getting when I wake up in the mornings. It didn’t and it made me super groggy. Nevertheless, got out of bed and had my typical breakfast of an apple with peanut butter and coffee. That is pretty much the only thing I ever eat for breakfast. Coffee is also a necessity to every morning. My mom used to wake me up in high school with a cup of coffee and breakfast in my room. Not until college did I realize how awesome that was.

I went to church at 10 for Sunday School, then the 11 a.m. church service. It was awesome. I love the joyfulness of Easter. Then I made lunch for the bf and me, took a nap, and now I’m avoiding homework by writing this post. I’ve decided today is my day off from working out.

where I'm spending my time today. it's a twin. i'm in college.

Right now I’m training for the Dallas White Rock Lake Centennial Half Marathon on May 7. The last race I ran was the Austin Half Marathon on February 20. It was my second half, my time was 1:55:44, and I didn’t PR. My time for my first half-marathon, the Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio Halfin November 2009 was 1:52:52.

Me and Tina at the crack of dawn before the Rock 'n Roll San Antonio Half

I am so focused on trying to beat that first time. I have been reading so many running and fitness blogs lately that really motivate me (SkinnyRunner, Carrots’n’Cake, FlyRunner, and TheBlueEyedRunner to name a few) . I know it can be done. Every runner can improve and go farther with training, right? I really want to run a sub-1:50 half, so I’m hoping this one in May will be the one. But then again, the race is in May in Texas. It is going to be H-O-T unless some miracle, never-happened-in-May-before cold front comes in. I am going to be a sweaty mess. Hopefully a PR-ing sweaty mess!

Friday I did my long run: 12.44 miles in 1:47. I am going to have to speed it up in two weeks to reach my goal, but I always feel that when racing I have way more energy than anytime I am training. Hopefully that’ll be the case! Yesterday, the bf and I ran a 5K. We finished in 24:01. Pretty good for a really boring course! My weekly mileage for last week was 33 miles. I think it’ll be about the same this week and then taper off for the race in the last week.

After reading so many different runners’ blogs and race recaps of the Boston Marathon, I have decided I want to run a marathon within the next year. I’m thinking before I turn 23, I want to run a marathon. Where have you run your favorite marathon or half marathon? What made you decide to do it?

Does anyone have tips or suggestions on training for marathons during the summer? Particularly if you live somewhere that gets H-O-T (we’re talking the 100s) and can’t stand treadmills?


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