White Rock Centennial Half Marathon Recap

Today was the Dallas White Rock Centennial Half Marathon. It was my third half, and although I had prepared for it since my last half in February, I was really nervous. I had never seen the course, and honestly was just nervous that I wouldn’t meet my goal.

I stayed at my friend CJ’s house Friday night, and OH by the way, Ceej ran her very first half marathon today and did SO well! She ran 6 miles for the first time less than two months ago. How amazing is that?! Anyway, both of us had really long weeks so we picked up some gels at academy, went home, ate dinner, set out all our stuff for the big day, watched a little Say Yes to the Dress (nerd alert…) and then hit the hay by ohh 9:15. It was awesome.

Both of us got up around 5:15 because we are serious morning people. And I had some serious nerves… we had breakfast (apple and pb + 2 cups of coffee for me, like every other morning of my life) and then geared up with the above. And below is how we looked right before we headed out.

CJ and Me


Then we drove to the race. We had no trouble parking like we thought we may have, so we ended up being there about an hour early. It was windy and chilly, maybe because the start (and whole race) is around a huge, beautiful lake in Dallas. The temperature was perfect to start, though. Cool but warm enough for just shorts and a tank.

Since we got there so early, we got to hit up the porta-potties and see all these really intense runners that made us feel weird/unprepared. We kept asking each other, what is that tape for in the designs on peoples’ legs? What are those compression socks for — shin splints, soreness or just cause they look cool? There’s a warm-up? But we’re about to run 13 miles, I’m not warming up.

At about 7:45 we headed for the start line. Before we knew it, we were off. I started off at about a 7:58 pace and kept that up for pretty much the whole race, give or take a mile when the wind was blowing right into my face.

The course was awesome. The first three miles we did through a neighborhood and looped back to the lake, which takes up about the other 10 miles. There was a bridge a little after mile six, and I seriously thought I was going crazy because the cement felt spongy. I felt like I was running on something soft, but it was cement on a bridge. At that point, I really thought I was about to die or pass out or something because I’d never had that sensation before, but my body felt okay and after checking my heartbeat with my hand, it seemed fine, so I kept going. **After talking to some other runners after the race, they felt the same way on the bridge so I’m not that crazy…**

After hitting mile 8, I had the same thoughts I always do: I still have 5 more? But then I’d think, no 4.8, 4.6, and then I always feel better.

I had never taken a gel before because I really worry about stomach issues during a race. (my last half I had to stop at a porta-potty around mile 6…. yeah, no fun) but at mile 11 my legs were really tired, especially with the headwind. I spotted a water station ahead, took my gel with some water, and felt pretty good at the finish! I will definitely try that again for my next race and maybe experiment with them during training.

Annnnyway, I ended up somehow winning 1st place in my age group (it was a really small race). That was awesome. My time was 1:46:02. My Garmin said the same time but 13.29 miles…. regardless, I PRed, beat my goal and got a trophy!

Philippians 4:13 — what gets me through every race

That’s my “how did I get this trophy, I’m flattered but confused” face, after accepting my unexpected trophy.

That’s me and Ceej after the race! We had fun.

Her cousin Jason placed 1st in his age group and 6th overall, which was pretty awesome! And CJ ran her first half marathon after a little over 6 weeks of training! So amazing. She’s off to Guatemala in a month for a 6-week mission trip so she wanted to do this before she left. So cool.

Anyway, I’m off to continue this project that I’m missing my sister’s birthday party for. Yes, I realize it’s Saturday night. I promise I’m not totally lame, I just really need to graduate from college. It’s due on Monday. Tuesday a paper is due. Two weeks from now I’ll be graduating from UT and onto the next thing. Anyone out there have a job for me??



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4 responses to “White Rock Centennial Half Marathon Recap

  1. Andrew

    Wow, I was looking for the results from the race then came across your page. What made me smile was I ran next to you almost the entire time! I actually paced myself to stay within eye sight of you! LOL (not in a creepy way). That was an awesome time! I finished two mins later but was thrilled with the time because it was my best time ,and my knee was messed up after being hit by a car a few weeks ago.

    • That is so cool that you found me on here! And I’m glad you were still able to run (and get an awesome time) after being hit by a car! Where were we running together? Were you wearing headphones? I remember switching places with and running with someone a few times, especially around that big bridge in the second half of the race. Was that you?

      • Andrew

        Might have been, I was wearin a bat hat, green top and the only guy wearing jogging pants it looked like 🙂 I was wearing headphones, running and music is very peaceful for me… almost Zen like 😉 when they post the pics, I’ll post one so you can be like, “I do remember you… I also remember passing you ” lol

  2. Andrew

    black hat, lol

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