Cubicle White

Written on August 5.

My friend at work introduced me to a new term today: “cuble white.” It’s the color your skin turns throughout the years as you work 40 hour weeks in cubicles in air-conditioned offices as the sun beats down on those suckers outside in the 105 degree heat.

I want to be one of those suckers in the 105 degree heat. “Cubicle white” is never a color I want my skin to turn. Not because I’m vain, but because it’s a sign of being inside too much. I am an outdoorsy girl. I like to do everything outside. Sitting in an office 5 days a week just feels wrong for my personality. I’m that girl you see running and swimming in this heat that everyone complains about on their walks from the office building to the parking garage. Cubicle white is the color of me turning into someone I don’t want to be.

I’m having trouble adjusting to the “real world,” life outside of college. I know it’s normal to go from college to a 40-hour week job in an office building with air-conditioning. And I feel absolutely blessed to be given a job, working with some really, really nice people and making enough to live off of right out of college. However, I wonder sometimes if this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

A wonderful side to my new job is my ability to get up and work out in the morning and still get home in time to get ready and enjoy my coffee and apple with peanut butter. My last job (that I was absolutely in love with but ended with my student career at UT) started at 7 a.m. every morning. So if I wanted to fit in a morning work out, it would have to start at 5. No thank you!

Each morning has been a little bit different with length of run (depending on what time I get out of my warm, marshmellow-y bed), but each has been the same in how I feel. I start moving out there while everything else is still. I see a few cars and runners here and there, but mostly it’s just me and the outdoors. I absolutely love that calm of the morning as the joy of running takes over my head and my legs move rhythmically at my pace. I love it especially when it’s still a little cool out, and the sun starts to rise on me as I head back on the home stretch of the run.

That is the best part of my day! Unless of course I see my boyfriend or friends in the evening, then running takes second…

Speaking of friends and boyfriends, does anyone have fun weekend plans? Now that I am working all day every day, I will be cherishing my weekends. But this weekend I have to move my stuff out of my apartment. I don’t get to move into my new apartment until August 19 so I’ll be living with friends for 11 nights! And then on the 19th I get to move in with one of my best friends from college. We are so excited to have our first “grown up” place. I digress. So aside from packing, I will be spending my time riding my bike, swimming at Barton Springs, running, playing volleyball with friends, playing tennis, and ensuring that I do not turn cubicle white.

One of the best places on earth, Barton Springs!


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