GRE Down, Time to Hit the Road

As you all don’t know because I have not kept up a blog at all, I have been studying for the GRE over the past few months and today I took work off to take the test. I am very pleased with the results and now I feel as though a great weight has been lifted! I am one step closer to grad school, which makes me so excited! I miss school so much. I’m a nerd. I’ve been out of school for only 5 months now…

I have been really busy with getting my life in order since school ended — settling into a new job, working 8:30-5:30, creating my gym routine, studying for the GRE, moving into a new apartment, buying furniture for the first time ever, keeping up with UT football, starting marathon training, going to Austin City Limits Music Festival (7th year in a row!) etc, etc, etc. After taking the test today, I finally feel as though I have some room to breathe!

My friend Ry and I at Pretty Lights


So now that I’m feeling settled and the GRE is behind me, I am going to buckle down on marathon training. I am running the Houston Marathon on January 15, 2012 (my 23rd birthday!) and it’ll be my first marathon ever. I have run 3 half-marathons, and I always wanted to run a marathon before I finished college. Well, that didn’t happen. I never got too serious about it. But now I am very serious about running this marathon, and I’m pumped because it’s in my hometown! My godmother and my boyfriend each said they’d run part of it, and I hope to see a lot of friends and family cheering me on as I run those familiar streets! I am super goal-oriented, so I have already started an 18-week training program and I’ve got a goal in mind. I want to run the marathon in less than 4 hours. I am wondering the best way to achieve that goal. I know it’s really tough, and my ultimate goal is to finish, but I’d really like to push myself to under 4 hours. Marathoners out there, do you suggest joining a running group before your first marathon? If not, which running plan did you follow for you first marathon? I would love any tips!




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