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About Me

Nerd Alert, I know

I’m Addie, a 23-year-old from Houston living in Austin, Texas. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in May of 2011 and got a job ASAP so I could stay in this beautiful city! Although my roots are deep in Houston, I have made Austin my home for a while.

this is my houston crew. don't be confused by the background, we are not aggies nor will we ever be aggies

this is some of the college crew, looking fancy

I love being outdoors all the time, even in the 150 degree summer heat. I am a big fan of vacations (who isn’t?) and the best places I’ve ever been are San Diego, Estes Park, Colorado (in the summer), anywhere in Mexico, and London. I would love to travel more, particularly to South America and South Africa, but right now that’s not really in the budget…

I have been running for years for sports and to stay in shape, but since my first half marathon in November 2009,  I have been slowly but surely working my way up to running a full marathon.

I love running and doing pretty much anything and everything outside. Living in Austin makes it very easy to be outside all the time. Barton Springs is where I like to spend my time in the summers, laying out and swimming in the cold spring water.

Barton Springs, my summer haven

I’m also new to cooking so I’ll include recipes I’ve made here on my site, as well as my work outs, inspirations and other related and unrelated things that I may find interesting!

I love writing about and reading about health and fitness. Leading a healthy lifestyle is tough, especially living in a city where eating Tex-Mex is at least a weekly activity. This blog is to connect with others who are passionate about health and fitness, to learn more about it and to keep me accountable for staying fit and healthy!

If you ever want to contact me, my e-mail is addieanderson at gmail dot com.

How did I get started running?

I ran my first 5K in a mother-daughter running group when I was in the 6th grade. I also ran track and cross-country, but that ended when I started playing lacrosse in high school. I played lacrosse for four years, and then came to college where I didn’t have a set workout regimen as I’d had for the past 10 years through sports.

November of my freshman year I noticed my fat jeans feeling a little too snug, my face was looking a little (okay, a lot) rounder, and bathing suit season was laughable. I guess eating queso and chips after frat parties at 4 a.m. didn’t agree with my metabolism. Hmm..

I decided it was time to make a change, ’cause what you eat and how you expend energy are two things that you can pretty much control.

During my second semester of freshman year, I started logging 4 mile runs on the treadmill, did free weights, crunches and push-ups. By the end of freshman year I was down some pounds, more toned and feeling good.

Sophomore year came and the running bug bit me harder. I started logging more miles with a goal of running a 10K. I ran six miles for the first time my sophomore year, and saw a half marathon as my next goal. I continued running, and in November 2009 I ran my first half marathon with my friend Christina. My time was 1:52:52. Being the competitive person that I am, I knew I had to beat my time in the next half marathon I ran.

I'm on the left, Christina's on the right.

Me and Tina!

After my first half marathon in November of 2009, winter break came which meant lots of late nights out with my old friends and a lot less running. In comes a new boyfriend in February, which meant lots of eating out and less time spent running. Let’s just say I was not in half-marathon shape in the spring of 2010. I was still running, but not nearly as much as I had been to train for the half.

Me? Run tomorrow? Nahhh

And then came summer in Texas: heat, humidity, and plenty of thunderstorms make me want to sprawl out in the sun by some body of water in a swimsuit or stay inside in the air conditioning. But I still busted out at least a couple 6 milers during the week and a few 5ks here and there.

I finally got it together in the fall of 2010. My dad (who is Mr. Workout and has done triathlons and run marathons in his day) and I decided to run the Houston half-marathon in January 2011. We were both training really early for it — months in advance — and were half-marathon ready by November. Then in December we both got injured in the same week. That sucked. Taking a month off from running is so hard mentally and physically when you are used to doing it most days of the week.

So my dad and I both had to skip the Houston half to heal, which I am so glad that I did. In February 2011, I ran the Austin half in 1:55. Although it wasn’t as good as my first half, I was happy that I could actually run!

Some friends and I before the Austin Half. I obviously love these shorts. And Texas.

Dissatisfied with gaining a few minutes onto my half-marathon time, I decided to sign up for another. On May 6, 2011 I ran my 3rd half marathon in Dallas and finished in 1:46:03 and got 1st place in my age group (small race). After that race, I decided to sign up for the Houston marathon on January 15, 2012 – my 23rd birthday.

And what a wonderful experience that was. I ran the race in 3:39:25. My first marathon and I was four minutes off from qualifying for Boston. As I’ve mentioned before, I am competitive with myself and feel the need to beat previous times, regardless of the distance. Next on my agenda is the Austin Half Marathon on February 17 and the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon on June 3. I’m ready to beat 1:46 and 3:39. I’m gonna make it happen!

So that’s the extent of the big races in my racing career, but I hope this list grows much, much longer. I run lots of 5ks and 10ks (legally and illegally) and will start posting those times. I’ve never blogged before, so we’ll see where this goes!


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