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Guilt Trip Trip

I have a problem. It’s a guilt trip trip. Yes, I meant to type that twice. I am the only sister and sibling to one very lucky girl, MStew. She is turning 24 on Friday, and her friends are throwing her a bar golf party on Saturday night. If you don’t know what that is, you should try it out if you can stomach 9 drinks at a sub-3 hour pace. By that I mean don’t try this unless you’re a 250 pound frat dude. I RSVPed yes, and thought it would be a blast (because I’ve done it before and apparently am a 250 pound frat dude).

That's us with the drinks in hand. Sister, like sister. She threw a surprise party for my 21st birthday. Even more of a reason why I feel guilty and horrible and like I wish I could be at her party or throw her a cool party like she did!

One problem. I live in Austin, the party’s in Houston, I’m running a half-marathon in Dallas on Saturday morning. If you’re not from the gigantic state of Texas, that means A LOT of driving. Austin to Dallas = 3 hours. Dallas to Houston = 4 hours. Houston to Austin = 3 hours. Oh, and I haven’t finished either of my final projects due next Monday and Tuesday in order to graduate from college.

Hmm…. not finishing those projects and staying in college for another semester, yeah that doesn’t sound so bad actually….

So after excitedly announcing my heroic plans to my sister — to come to Houston from my half-marathon in Dallas, then doing a marathon drink-fest that night, then celebrating mother’s day with my beautiful mother, then coming back to Austin that same day to do WORK to graduate — I g-chatted her today telling her I can’t make it. I feel like I put too many eggs in one basket. Or my eyes were bigger than my stomach.. or whatever phrase would work with the situation I’m in.

Us last year at a wedding... she's the best!

She said she’s disappointed and I shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up in the first place. I feel horrible. So I e-mailed her back that I would come because I feel really guilty for being a bad sister. So it’s a guilt trip trip that I’m taking. But my mom keeps telling me not to do it.

What would you do in this situation? Would you make the trip for your awesome, wonderful, super-fun sister’s birthday or would you try to make it up to her later?

Now for the more fun part of my post, I have a half-marathon to run on Saturday! I am so pumped. Since my last marathon I’ve kept up my long runs each week (for the most part) and have been keeping my mileage up. I feel really prepared for this one.

I am a to-do list person; I always want to know what I have ahead of me and like to set goals (even though many of my to do lists are just made for pure enjoyment and tossed aside after I make them).

This will be my 3rd half marathon. My first half I ran in 1:52:52, the second I ran in 1:55ish, and the third I want to run in under 1:50, or at least beat 1:52:52.

A few weeks ago I bought the greatest invention ever made for runners:

My Garmin!

I’m debating whether I should use it on Saturday.

Do you think wearing a Garmin in races makes you faster, anxious or just plain frustrated?
Now I’m off to finish my paper, hopefully.


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